Marko Gavrilovic uses light and industrial materials to create formally innovative sculptures and drawings of natural forms. Connecting his work to the same sensibility that gave rise to Impressionism, Gavrilovic is motivated by his interest in human and animal forms, which he represents through assemblages of loose, colored scraps of cut and polished Plexiglas that resemble modernist biomorphic shapes. Gavrilovic likens his creative process to the act of
assembling a puzzle, describing it as an imaginative system rooted in intuitive and fast-paced decision-making. Fascinated with nature from an early age, Marko continues to admire its powers through his art while also exploring the possibilities in which nature and built environments will coexist in the future.

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"From innovative light sculptures to large-scale paintings and drawings. In Marko's works, you will see hybrid cities, stylized and powerful bulls, vivid light sharks in the air. It's hard to explain in words, a must-see in person." 

Marko Gavrilovic is born in Belgrade, Serbia.
He graduated from the Academy of Applied Arts and Design in 2001. In the following years, he practiced acrylics, sculpture, design, illustration, and drawing. He founded a Notus Light studio in 2002 wherein cooperation with his team, Gavrilovic created more than 200 light–designed pieces during the years. His specialties are plastic sculptural lighting forms, which ultimately led him to the point where Arts and Design cross their paths.

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Ivana Ivka

CEO, co-founder

Marko Gavrilovic

CEO, co-founder