Will I receive the same product that I see in the picture?

Of course. But, if you are unsure about the artwork choice, before you purchase one or more art prints, sculptures, or paintings from our shop, check how this latest art acquisition, goes with your home, office, or other interior design, that you wish to implement these artworks in.
In some cases, we can provide you with visualization templates that include our art. We can send you additional close-ups via email or set artworks in your visuals. We do our best to help our clients and collectors enjoy our art pieces, so if you have doubts, please contact us before your purchase.

Will you restock items indicated as “out of stock?”

No. When the items from our store are labeled "out of stock" (this applies to limited edition prints) means that these series are not going to be available for new editions as they belong to limited series.

Paintings and sculptures are one-of-a-kinds unique pieces.
We don't make any releases and limited editions for sculptures at this time.

Yellow-tailed shark