"Light in Nature

creates the movement of colors."


“My first memory is of light,

the brightness of light-light all around.”


The whole world is one big drawing that someone drew a long time ago.

Sky Fly, bull painting by Marko Gavrilovic

250 400 
Fly Sky is a bull painting that shows bull dominance, rushing over the skyscrapers below like a majestic and supreme creature.
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Through the cold wilderness, bull painting

250 800 
Through the cold wilderness is a rare powerful yet calm bull painting from a Blue Bull series by artist Marko Gavrilovic. Pleasant, and cold landscape view.
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Yellow horns by Marko Gavrilovic

250 750 
Consequat a scelerisque suspendisse vel et eget eu vitae adipiscing nibh scelerisque semper cum adipiscing facilisis adipiscing est accumsan lorem vestibulum.
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"For me, every bull painting is a different story.
You will never find any of them, to look the same".

Shark series

Your Shark

“We provoke a shark every time we enter the water
where sharks happen to live,
but we forget, the ocean is not our territory,
it's theirs.”

Contemporary Art.

"Marko Gavrilovic is a Serbian contemporary artist who works in various disciplines from innovative light sculptures to large-scale paintings and drawings. In his works, you will see a vision of our humanity, projected shadows in the heart of hybrid cities, stylized, powerful bulls, and vivid light sharks."

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