Urban cityscape painting

Urban art paintings

Urban art paintings by Marko Gavrilovic

Urban art 

The passing moment, crowded cities, natural stillness.
I am interested in universal messages, ancient, rooted in history, constant movement. The flux of this world, where what appears as opposites, comes together in one.
I want all my works to be beautiful, but that doesn't mean that all of them are positive. To be honest, it's not a process that I'm always sure I'm controlling. On the other hand, by looking at my art through other people's eyes, my perception of certain pieces is purely subjective, and I like that.


My art is philosophical, without too many philosophical references.
Paintings particularly, have that dialogue within, and widely open doors. But what you will find by looking or going through them, is totally up to you.
I'm not saying that sometimes I don't make plans or sketches how my works would look like and what I want to accomplish, but in most cases, the initial idea is the one I just begin with.

Perspectives on my works are not necessarily correct. They don't have to be. What they have to do, is to all fit in a large composition where everything is in the right place.
This applies to playing with shadows too. Shadows don't have to be right at all. Often they are just graphical symbols, but they have to show some tension, even a mystery. I use them to accomplish vibrations and movement as well.

No preparation, directly on paper

The Process

My paintings go through 5 stages.
First, I have an idea in my mind how the painting should look like. Secondly, I make a skeleton sketch directly on a canvas. Now, at this point, it seriously defer from the intended idea. The third step is when I start to paint, adding layers and layers of color, putting everything into perspective. This process looks sometimes indefinitely, even if it isn't, you know, I'm an impatient man. 

In the 4th step, I'm starting to figure out how to put the composition in place and how to make a peace between all those splashy tones.
The 5th step is a pure reward. Everything comes in the right place, objects, space between them, all these juicy parts fit perfectly.

At this point, I can just finish the work, or...I can reinvent it for days, months over and over again. It will change like night and day, but somewhere I have to stop, and say, voilà!