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Shark light sculptures

Shark light sculptures by Marko Gavrilovic

Shark sculptures are the result of research. Sharks have been the main characters in my paintings and sculptures for some time. I chose these particular species because they are the synonyms for power, freedom, movement, and fear.

My art focuses on the symbiosis of merging of multiple influences, media, and inspirations.
Certain questions are always to the fore in my work.
With light sculptures, I play with two sides of the same thing, inner and outer world, while with paintings and drawings I explore the relationship between humankind and the “non-human” world, Nature. Through my art, I explore the possibilities in which Nature and built environment will coexist in the future.

Light Sculptures

At one stage in my career, I started to make light installations. The light is somehow at the beginning and the end of everything.
To me, it talks about the creation of life, starting from atoms, molecules, through a variety of organisms. Can we see the light inside us? Because every human being lives under a metaphorical helmet or shell of his or her body, we observe these protective surfaces at the expenses of our deeper realities. My aim is to turn these external and internal realities around.
Surface elements of light sculptures appear as impressions, memories, and experiences. Everyone carries these elements. Sculptures too.

We are aware that one cannot see the essence of someone with the naked eye, but when you turn on the lights, everything becomes illuminated and new, insights emerge, at the fascinating intersection between the past, present, and future.

Who is making the balance, we or Nature?

Every single piece of plexiglass is cut, heated and shaped to follow the form of a body. In the process, I am using various disciplines, from human, animal anatomy, design, welding, metal shaping, plexiglass modeling, connecting to the implementation of light in the end.
I do not define my work exclusively as that of a sculptor, draftsman or painter, as I am always connecting all three by finding my way through this symbiosis.

Blue-Renegade-shark sculpture, head detail, artist Marko Gavrilovic
Blue Renegade, shark sculpture, head detail, artist Marko Gavrilovic

Ocean wave, shark sculpture, artist Marko Gavrilovic
Ocean wave, shark sculpture, Marko Gavrilovic
Light shark sculptures, Milos G. and Marko Gavrilovic

If I work in just one medium for a longer length of time, I tend to feel overwhelmed as it often becomes too unidirectional.
While working on two different projects, to keep the freshness, I often switch to another medium but without any loss of direction and precision.
A find a balance in this with time, because when I am working with the sculpture I feel closer to the concrete, real-world, which helps ground me after the imaginative wanderings of painting and drawing.

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