Light design, Light panels

Light panels by artist Marko Gavrilovic

Light panels by artist Marko Gavrilovic

Marko Gavrilovic is an artist whose specialties are city paintings, urban drawings, and light sculptures.
Light sculptures represent the other side of his art. Predominantly working with acrylic glass (Plexiglas) and led lights, he makes abstract, amorph, symbiotic, and organic forms. The central idea is related to the collective memory of humanity.
The past, present, and future, are presented as one infinite moment in front of us.
The amorphous Plexiglas multicolored fragments that make up the surface structure of Marko's sculptures (at the same time their base), was inspired by the simple natural form of a leaf flying in the wind. The leaf in the wind is a symbol of the movement transience, the circular cycle in Nature.

Made out of matter

All light installations, panels, and sculptures have similar forms that differ in color, and textures, all have in common that they are of the same matter, so all the elements symbolize our world, the similarity of the living organisms, its interconnectedness, and indissolubility.

Light panels made from plexiglas by artist Marko Gavrilovic

Exhibition view




Light panels, simplicity of colors and shapes, by Marko Gavrilovic

The simplicity of shapes and colors

Engraving lines, round shapes, architectonic inspired rectangular cuttings, a variety of colors, and vivid vibrations.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”
― Max Planck